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Re: Littering

Post by FlammableFlower » Wed Mar 31, 2021 3:30 pm

tenchboy wrote:
Wed Mar 31, 2021 9:53 am
Sorry. Something suddenly happened and had to cut short.
Here is a useful guide.
If you take it with you: take it home with you.
If there are no bins: take it home with you.
If there are bins provided but they are full: take it home with you.
If the council hasn't emptied you bin at home: take it home with you and then start another thread.
Whatever your age: take it home with you.
Wherever you are:take it home with you.
If in doubt and you are about to come up with some other whiny excuse about it being difficult: just take it home with you.
For all other occasions not distinctly covered by the above: take it home with you.

Flytipping because you've got to because the council tip is closed is another issue this is the casual littering thread: start another thread for flytipping.
+another 1 to that thought.
Kids and I have been doing a lot of hiking about for their Ten Tors training. They couldn't do it in their scout groups, so families were encouraged to go out for walks by themselves (we had routes starting near home). When the weather was good the piles of litter were god awful - people would pile it around a bin (if there was one). Still can't understand the logic - just take it home, you were able to bring it there and it'll be lighter on the way back.

Worse is the dog poo bags. One spot we would pass was by a, currently closed, nursery (children's, not plant) near a now closed golf course and on the very edge of a lot of countryside. There was a wheelie bin at the end of the drive, but behind a fence and gate, evidently where all the dog walkers would pass. The pile of dog poo bags was a high as the wheelie bin as dog walkers just reached over the fence to leave their waste. Obviously as the nursery was closed, no one was going in to empty bins; and yet none of the dog walkers cared. At some point someone is going to have to deal with this grim mess (particularly as the weather warms) - but so far people just keep adding to it.

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