Request regarding audio/visual media relating to Ukraine invasion

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Request regarding audio/visual media relating to Ukraine invasion

Post by discovolante » Fri Feb 25, 2022 7:26 pm

Hi all,

The mods and overlords have been having a discussion about the fact that (unsurprisingly) there appear to be many misleading images and videos relating to the Ukraine invasion on social media and so on - e.g. claims that photos show a bombing in Ukraine when actually they're photos of something completely different.

With that in mind, and so we can do our small bit in limiting the spread of possible misinformation, we're requesting that people don't post photos or videos purporting to be of things relating to the invasion unless they come from a verified and respected source. If they do come from such a source, please link to the source as well.

We appreciate that views on what constitutes 'respected' sources may differ, and that there are likely to be many entirely legitimate images and videos circulating on social media, but we'd ask that people respect this request in good faith.

This isn't particularly a response to anything that has happened in the thread so far either, it's just something we think it's worth trying to be a bit vigilant about. It is also a request, not a rule, but we are making the request for a reason.

If anyone has posted anything that they think falls foul of this request, and would like it removed, we'd be happy to do so - please can you do this by reporting your post rather than posting in-thread. Please can you also do this for your own posts only.

There's a thread in the Admin and mod baiting subforum to discuss if you like, here.

Thanks very much.
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