Where have the unaccompanied child refugees gone?

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Where have the unaccompanied child refugees gone?

Post by jimbob » Sun Mar 12, 2023 10:12 pm


Good episode of File on 4 about this.
Released On: 07 Mar 2023Available for over a year
200 children have gone missing from hotels used by the Home Office to temporarily house lone asylum seekers.
File on 4 investigates what’s being done to find them and why so many have disappeared.
Lots of systemic failures of the system, including charging the slaves for criminal activity not the gangs coercing and grooming them - with reference to Albanian children, it seems the gangs buy up family debts then take the kids as payment (with threats if not given up) to be trafficked to the UK.

The Labour MP for Hove said that the mayor phoned him saying that the Home Office had just given the council 2 hrs notice that 96 kids were to be placed in a hotel on a Sunday evening. There was a junior Home Office civil servant who couldn't answer such basic questions as "who was acting as guardian to these vulnerable kids"

He said that the Sussex Police was the only body that took the child protection seriously.

Well worth a listen.
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