Public transport - "the safest places on earth"

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Public transport - "the safest places on earth"

Post by Brightonian » Wed Oct 07, 2020 12:04 pm

News story: Coronavirus: Why public transport could be safer than we thought.

I don't drive, and to avoid public transport I've been doing a lot of walking across cities. I don't walk every time, but I trade off the benefit/harm, so I roughly assess my chances of catching covid in an enclosed bus versus my chances of getting run over or swallowing mouthfuls of diesel particulates or knackering myself or even catching covid from the many people I pass on the way. If it's a two-hour-plus walk then I'll get the bus, if it's less then I'll usually walk, unless it's raining or I've heavy shopping.

Should I be getting buses etc. more often?

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