Has anyone had the vaccine yet?

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Re: Has anyone had the vaccine yet?

Post by individualmember » Sun Mar 21, 2021 11:58 am

I had my first jab (Pfizer) a couple of weeks ago.
My brother has had the invitation to make an appointment but is kinda stuck in Madrid, he needs to come home to get it but the quarantine/self isolation involved in travelling would bugger up his work. Oh the joys of being freelance.

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Re: Has anyone had the vaccine yet?

Post by bagpuss » Sun Mar 21, 2021 12:46 pm

bagpuss wrote:
Sat Mar 20, 2021 5:06 pm
Mr Bagpuss had his yesterday. Currently feeling rather groggy but not too dreadful.

I had mine at lunchtime today and apart from a slightly sore arm, currently feel fine, but I suspect it just hasn't kicked in yet.

Both AZ, both at same centre, hugely impressed by organisation, apart from the time I was sitting down confirming I'm not allergic to anything, etc, and actually having my jab, I barely stopped moving. Total time from car door to car door, 7 minutes, and at least a couple of minutes of that was walking through the car park
Just over 24 hours later and I'm just feeling a bit tired and drowsy with a faintly sore arm. I also feel a little hot but the thermometer tells me I'm barely half a degree above my normal. Not as bad as I feared and definitely a small price to pay. 😁

Mr Bagpuss had it a bit worse but he's feeling better than me today and I'm sure we'll both be fine tomorrow.

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Re: Has anyone had the vaccine yet?

Post by raven » Tue Mar 23, 2021 10:43 pm

Had my AZ on Saturday morning in the tent out back of the GPs. Ultra efficient one way system, no queue, in & out in a jiffy. Ecstatic. Wore my sticker round the supermarket to do a bit of advertising.

Course, started feeling iffy that evening. Massively thirsty, then chills & shakes as I was going to bed. Bit of a rough night, temp of 100F the next morning. Sunday: chillaxing on the sofa, increasingly painful migrainey headache & sore muscles until I gave in and took some paracetomol. Slept much better, but still thirsty/sweaty. Monday morning: fever gone, developed mild sniffles, very slight dry cough. (Oh, and the lovely uticarial type rash thingy I get on my neck & chest whenever I have a fever....) But felt much better by the evening. Just about back to normal today except for slightly sore arm.

MrRaven had his first AZ the week before. All he got was sore arm and being a bit cold the next day, the git.

( Of course, now I read the leaflet and see that if you've had bleeding/bruising issues AZ is contraindicated. Oh. The nice Dr in the tent only asked about blood thinners. Well, the blood tests I had after all those nosebleeds /weird bruises I was getting in 2019 came back normal so it should be ok. Too late to worry about it now anyway and probably for the best.)

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Re: Has anyone had the vaccine yet?

Post by sTeamTraen » Tue Mar 23, 2021 11:29 pm

I haven't had the vaccine (we still haven't finished the over-80s after vaccinating all the vulnerable and HCWs), but as of today I am at least in the computer to get one. I don't have a card for the Spanish equivalent of the NHS, and they have (quite reasonably) been given the monopoly of the vaccinations. So those of us with only private medical insurance were in danger of not being called up simply because there was no easy way to get registered. Today I found how to do it. It turns out to be easy, but none of the people on the "Covid Vaccine Helpline" were able to tell me, which seems like a bit of a "You Had One Job" moment.
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