Covid in Care Homes

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Covid in Care Homes

Post by snoozeofreason » Thu May 19, 2022 8:54 am

As if to demonstrate that Covid has not gone away, my mother in law's care home has just gone into lockdown after a couple of Covid cases, and Mrs S cannot visit her mother. This is, of course, an exercise in shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted. Mrs S doesn't pose much of a risk to the care home, because we don't often go anywhere, when we do we wear masks and keep our distance, and we test pretty much every day because both of us have mothers in bomes. But even if Mrs S did pose a risk to the care home, that risk doesn't increase if there are cases in the home. The risk that the home poses to her might have gone up slightly but, given the absence of any restrictions outside care homes, I think it genuinely is up to her whether she wants to run that risk.

And my mother's care home have just rung to say that she needs to go to A & E after a fall. She has only just moved in to this particular home, so I am not sure what their policy is on unplanned hospital visits. In general this home seems stricter than her previous one, so it wouldn't surprise me if she is put in isolation after the visit (I am not planning to ask them, just in case it prompts someone to err on the side of caution!).
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