Nitrous emissions

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bob sterman
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Nitrous emissions

Post by bob sterman » Tue May 31, 2022 6:31 am

Can anyone explain the basis for the carbon emission claims here...

Linking nitrous oxide to climate risk is yet another example of the disdain shown to women’s pain ... omens-pain

The report itself is very unclear....

Carbon footprint of nitrous oxide (‘laughing gas”) should be explained to patients, anaesthetists say ... a-2022.pdf

"UK anaesthetist Dr Fiona Pearson say nitrous oxide is a potent greenhouse gas with "much higher carbon gas emissions than other anaesthetic alternatives"

Are they talking about the direct effects of nitrous oxide in the atmosphere? Or the carbon emissions produced while manufacturing and distributing nitrous oxide?

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Princess POW
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Re: Nitrous emissions

Post by shpalman » Tue May 31, 2022 6:37 am

having that swing is a necessary but not sufficient condition for it meaning a thing

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