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Welcome to Scrutable!

Posted: Thu Nov 07, 2019 4:22 pm
by Stephanie

Welcome to Scrutable, a forum for discussion, debate and distraction. We are primarily a science-focused space, but are also happy to encourage thoughtful and insightful contributions on any other subjects that are of interest to you. And if you can't be thoughtful, at least be amusing.

The forum is separated into four main areas:
  1. Nerd Lab: get your nerd on, post some excellent research you've seen or delve into quackery, it's all welcome here. Just try not to libel anyone.
  2. Weighty Matters: stroke your beard and bring your evidence, because the debate is on.
  3. Relaxation Station: after a hard day's nerding, kick off your shoes, and settle in for some lighthearted chat.
  4. The Pit: the gloves are off. Don’t post here without your flameproof undies on.
Click here for the Rules, and come join us!