Anti-vaxxers behaving badly

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Anti-vaxxers behaving badly

Post by Chris Preston » Sun Jan 26, 2020 2:02 am

I should have said again.

Dr Nicole Baldwin makes a video for children about vaccines protecting against diseases and posts it on TikTok. ... 4574055685

Anti-vaxxers go spectacularly mental over the video up to and including death threats. They also wage a campaign against Dr Balwin by leaving negative reviews on her practice at Yelp and other sites.

Kim Rossi at Age of Autism also has a go at riling up anti-vaxxers to make threats. I won't link to Age of Autism thread, you can find that for yourself. The comments are particularly interesting with some nice efforts by Gus the Fuss ex JABS.

David Gorski writes about Rossi's efforts here.

Edit to correct link.
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